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Writing desk “ONLINE”

 Writing desk is very functional furniture adapted to the user’s needs for comfortable work place. The name “Online” symbolize and ties us with everyday internet and social networks life as well as induces creativity, goals and purposes flowing and immerses into favorite activity right this moment. Being online means living everyday life with all interests, joys and important things to do. Modern style writing desk is separated into two parts by black metal strip. Each part of desk is made of different materials. The box under the ornament is dedicated for small goods. The top of desk can be opened like a drawer where additional space for writing necessities opens as well. The other part of the desk is made of natural wood. The wooden top opens as well where wires and cables can be placed and hidden securely. Writing desk can be noticeable piece of furniture in any interior and give lots of coziness to any work place.

Designer: Agnė Balkė