Domus exhibition 2021 - Kitaip

Domus exhibition 2021

At Domus center multifunctional cabinet/desk Honeycomb by KITAIP designer Dalius Razauskas is presented along with Termopalas furniture exhibition.


Do you feel like you are constantly trying to find ways to stay organized? Multifunctional cabinet/desk Honeycomb (1231xh1069x340mm) is the answer to your problem. Mount on your wall at any height that works for you and see your space instantly transform. It can be used as a desk, dressing table and even a bar! There is a plenty of storage to keep you organized in this one of a kind cabinet, featuring removable shelves to fit your needs. You can easily fit a laptop, files, books and any other things that need a new home! Manufactured to be stable tabletop so you can get your work done comfortably and then when you done you can hide everything.