Ehxibition “Stories of Things” - Kitaip

Ehxibition “Stories of Things”

The exhibition “Stories of Things. Lithuanian Design 1918-2018”, held to mark 100 years of the restored Lithuanian state, tells us how the design objects and the designers themselves started in Lithuania, revealing unexpected connections between history, personalities and other projects. Cabinet Pill by KITAIP designer Dalius Razauskas was presented at the National Gallery of Art.

Cabinet PILL 

“Minimalist form and multi-functional purpose” is how the designer Dalius Razauskas suggests to solve the problem of finding room for things that are difficult to place. The designer claims that circle is a culturally meaningful and harmonious shape, with a positive emotional energy – however, it is not easy to design. The most challenging part was to find the perfect balance between size and shape for the cabinet to be not only decorative, but also highly functional piece of furniture. Decision to use the shape of a pill helped to achieve this goal. Hanging on a wall cabinet resembles a huge pill and therefore looks very minimalist, yet playful. Moreover, the round top helps to fight the habit of piling things on surfaces. Just open the door, and cabinet reveals a hidden world of his owners choices: the insides shelves can be easily changed and reshaped adapting to individual needs. The Pill can be used as a secretaire with a work desk, a cupboard for a personal belongings as a vanity table, a desk/cabinet for childrens room, a hallway cabinet or a bar. The Pill has built-in sockets for laptop and phone chargers, integrated LED lighting and an optional round mirror. The minimalist Pill (1100mmx320mm) fits wel in various interiors and is popular in Lithuania and abroad.