Eu Design 2011 - Kitaip

Eu Design 2011

KiTAIP designer Mr. Dalius Razauskas has got a personal invitation to participate at the European Design Exhibition 2011 (May 6-21, 2011 in Düsseldorf). The organizers of the exhibition asked a question “How do you actually sit on the chair in your country?” Europe is the unique continent, which unites many different countries with their unique languages, customs, cuisines, etc. Designer group Anonyme Gestalter together with Teilmöbliert organizes an exhibition in a 130 sq. m. Gallery at Lorettostrasse. During the exhibition 40 designers from 40 countries will perform one and the same task – they will introduce their country with only one chair. Designer Dalius Razauskas introduces Lithuania with an original chair „PIRST“, which was granted a diploma in an exhibition Furniture 2011 (March 31-April 3, at Litexpo exhibition centre in Lithuania). As the Eurovision song contest will take place in Düsseldorf at the same time, the design exhibition was called as „Chair Eurovision contest“. Therefore the audience award „and 12 points go to…“ will take place on May 13, 2011.