Eu Design Gateway to Japan 2010 - Kitaip

Eu Design Gateway to Japan 2010

25-29 October 2010, Tokyo Japan.

For one week, a very selective group of European interior designers with hip and cutting edge products of diverse styles from throughout Europe, was led into the exciting Japanese market and business world.

On the first day, the designers learned the ins and outs of Japanese business culture and customs and the newest trends and opportunities in the design market.

Apart from study tours of Japanese interior design firms and boutiques, the European designers had business meetings with interested Japanese potential customers.

The main event was the two day Exhibition at the trendy Hilton Hotel in Tokyo where they introduced their latest design collections. Each designer presented to promote their products and met with the Japanese visitors.

On the past missions, European participants have learned that “Japan can be a difficult market to penetrate and the business culture is very different from other countries. The Japanese consumer is a rather affluent consumer, who pays great attention to quality and image. It is thus of great importance to attack the market with a flawless product that differentiates itself from the mainstream design, but that also carries some European flair”.