Furniture Exhibition 2014 - Kitaip

Furniture Exhibition 2014

Kitchen Island was presented at Design Gallery during Furniture Exhibition 2014.

Kitchen Island (design by Dalius Razauskas)

Designer suggests to use round Kitchen Island instead of ordinary wall unit. In that case you will get an original kitchen as well as 5 meters of working space around the island. Laconic ebony bar is combined with white Kitchen Island, also kitchen cabinets made with integrated appliances. All set is finished by white cylindrical chandelier-hood. Turning the light on appears the Stone Age hunting scene, turning it off pattern does not remain. Original pattern can be chosen for individually created kitchen hood. For the convenience of furniture user only advanced  furniture fittings and eco-friendly lighting system were selected. Also in order to avoid additional details on drawers and doors, handleless Tip On system was picked up. Kitchen Island has 8 electric drawers and 4 doors, LED lighting.