Magazine “ advises” - Kitaip

Magazine “ advises”

In spring issue of magazine “ advises” the article about Finnish company STALA “HOMEY STEEL?” was published. KITAIP has long-term collaboration representing stainless steel products in Lithuania.



The Finnish achieved this with the help of designer Harris Koskinen

Stainless steel in the heart of home

The kitchen space is like the heart of the home and has become more and more important lately. Kitchen worktop is the main surface of the kitchen, so it requires attention when choosing. Food preparation, placing cold and hot dishes, wet kitchen utensils seeks for worktop durability and reliability. STALA stainless steel countertops durable and easy to maintain. The material is hygienic, easy to clean, making it much easier to keep the kitchen clean. As example – professional kitchens has almost all surfaces made of stainless steel.

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