Art vilnius 2022 - Kitaip

Art Vilnius 2022

The contemporary art fair “Art Vilnius 2022” will take place at “Litexpo” exhibition center on October 7-9th. UAB Kitaip will present several products: table and cabinets KnoTie by designer Agnė Balkė and decorated stainless steel worktops.

Decorative furniture with cords KnoTie

Decorative furniture with cords is perfect to keep in all accessories while decorating every furniture item according to individual needs. The furniture is made of perforated metal with holes and decorated with cord. With colored cord strung through metal holes furniture is turned to an educational-creative for children and adults. Using a different weaving method, a different pattern can be portrayed every time. The variety of ornaments can be expanded by choosing a different color of the cord or even combining several colors. Small creative accents allow to create an original home furniture. The furniture is made of painted perforated metal with holes, painted MDF, colored cord. Table h-550mm, diameter 400mm, round cabinet h-400-420mm, diameter 500mm, cabinet on the wheels h-360mm, 500x380mm.


The Finnish achieved this with the help of designers Harri Koskinen, Matti Klenell and Gert Wingardh.

Putting lots of efforts to deny the stereotype that stainless steel is a cold and technical material, the manufacturer Stala along with famous designers created a collection of patterned steel worktops StalaTex. According to manufacturer, the main goal is to provide more warmth and comfort to every house. The idea of patterns comes from contrasts, geometry and associations with the environment. Surfaces become original and cozy after designers touch. The collection includes twenty three patterns, so customers can find the most suitable for their interior. Stainless steel worktops will become interesting accent of a cozy and romantic home.