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Best design in Lithuania

Writing desks „Wavy”,„Herringbone“ and „Online“ created by designer Agnė Balkė are published at Best design in Lithuania.



Writing desk “Herringbone”


Design of the desk”Herringbone” was inspired by Lithuanian folk.The pattern is significant for Baltic States and commonly used in Lithuanian ethnic bands. The main idea – is to use the customized pattern in furniture manufacturing and design.

The desk is surrounded by decorative detail made from wood gives additional authenticity while the furniture could be placed anywhere in the room. The pattern is framed by thin white stripes. The front of the desk has a drawer with push-to-open system. The top of table is equipped with additional space for goods placement. While the top is open it can be used as support for books. The handles-openings on the top are serving as cable channels if user prefers to keep top closed and neat.

The writing desk is ideal for people wanting to harmonize their creative clutter and make it cozy yet organized.

Writing desk “ONLINE”

 Writing desk is very functional furniture adapted to the user’s needs for comfortable work place. The name “Online” symbolize and ties us with everyday internet and social networks life as well as induces creativity, goals and purposes flowing and immerses into favorite activity right this moment. Being online means living everyday life with all interests, joys and important things to do. Modern style writing desk is separated into two parts by black metal strip. Each part of desk is made of different materials. The box under the ornament is dedicated for small goods. The top of desk can be opened like a drawer where additional space for writing necessities opens as well. The other part of the desk is made of natural wood. The wooden top opens as well where wires and cables can be placed and hidden securely. Writing desk can be noticeable piece of furniture in any interior and give lots of coziness to any work place.

Writing desk „Wavy“

Design was inspired by nature elements. The top of the desk creates an effect of waves which are made by water drop. Writing desk edge performs a function – it does not let to fall your writing supplies down on the ground. Or it is as meditation tool while thinking or relaxing, because there is a possibility to roll small glass beads along the lines. There is a comfortable drawer in the front it too far laptop or writing supplies. Writing desk made of non-porous and sustainable artificial stone corian. It creates a solid and clean form, which is pleasant touching. More and more people appreciate peace and harmony in their lives. Therefore „Wavy“ was created using water theme, to move some feeling of nature to home.