Furniture exhibition 2017 - Kitaip

Furniture exhibition 2017

Several new products – square shaped Quadro Pill, two writing desks and updated bathroom cabinet Masterpiece were presented at Furniture Exhibition 2017.

Mini office QUADRO PILL 

Tired of overloaded working table? Lets get PILL

The square cabinet is being fixed on the wall and can be transformed into a fully functioning workplace or the bar. Shelving system allows easily, without the tools to adapt cabinets interior to individual needs: you can fit a laptop, standard files, catalogues and even a small multifunctional printer. The Quadro Pill is equipped with outlets, phone chargers and integrated LED lighting. Materials and fittings used for manufacturing provides a reliable desk transformation and tabletop stability. Lower open doors can be used as additional support for working table. The Quadro Pill (961mmx980mmx316mm) is perfect for small places where is not enough space for stationary working table.

Writing desk “Herringbone”


Design of the desk”Herringbone” was inspired by Lithuanian folk.The pattern is significant for Baltic States and commonly used in Lithuanian ethnic bands. The main idea – is to use the customized pattern in furniture manufacturing and design.

The desk is surrounded by decorative detail made from wood gives additional authenticity while the furniture could be placed anywhere in the room. The pattern is framed by thin white stripes. The front of the desk has a drawer with push-to-open system. The top of table is equipped with additional space for goods placement. While the top is open it can be used as support for books. The handles-openings on the top are serving as cable channels if user prefers to keep top closed and neat.

The writing desk is ideal for people wanting to harmonize their creative clutter and make it cozy yet organized.

Writing desk ONLINE

The name of writing desk ONLINE symbolize and tie us with everyday internet and social networks life as well as induces creativity, goals and purposes flowing and immerse into favorite activity right this moment. Modern style writing desk is separated into two parts by black metal strip. Each part of desk is made of different materials. The box under the ornament is dedicated for small goods. The top of desk can be opened like a drawer where additional space for writing necessities opens as well. The wooden top opens where wires and cables can be placed and hidden securely.


An incredibly practical and charming mirror cabinet (1530mmx830mmx190mm). Fits your entire toiletry, whereas the interior power outlets allow you to keep a hair dryer, an electric toothbrush or a shaver constantly plugged in. The fully lit version is ideal for makeup.